Small Claims Court & Lawsuits

  1. Need to Figure Out the Law?

    Turn to Nolo's Legal Research to find out how to understand legal issues on your own more

  2. Small Claims Court

    Learn how to defend yourself or sue with Nolo's small claims book more

  3. Statutes of Limitations: Is It Too Late to Sue?

    Filing a lawsuit on time is critical. Check out our FAQ for information on timing issues related to suing and being sued. more

  4. Small Claims Court FAQ

    Questions Can I bring a lawyer to small claims court? If I lose my case in small claims court, can I appeal? Are there time limits in which a small claims court case must be filed? How much can I sue for in small claims court? Where should I file my small claims lawsuit? What can I do to resolve my problem more

Learn how to represent yourself effectively in court, how small claims court works, and about alternatives to litigation, such as mediation.


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